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Top Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Your CPAP Mask

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If you are suffering from sleep apnea, CPAP therapy is the right solution for you. Along with soothing your snoring, and reducing blood pressure levels, this is also helpful in allowing you to breathe easily. We, at Ger-Ar Trading DME, can provide you with the topmost quality of non-invasive flow generators (CPAP, VPAP, AutoCPAP) from reputed brands in Aventura, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Kendall, Miami, and Miami Beach. We have been on the receiving end of accolades owing to their technological expertise and brilliant customer service. Here, we have put together a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying your CPAP masks. Take a look.

  • Check Size, Fit, & Comfort: Make sure your mask offers the right fit, is comfortable and meets your breathing requirements. Otherwise, your CPAP therapy will be pointless.
  • Go for a Secure Mask: If you are an active sleeper, make it a point that you inform the same to your DME tech so that you receive the most secure mask ever.
  • Avoid Added Complications: If you are claustrophobic or parts of your face are likely to get easily irritated, you must inform the same to DME tech to avoid any complications.
  • Look for Non-leaking Mask Type: Try to find a mask type that would not leak owing to an uneven surface area, if you tend to have facial hair.
  • Consider your Routine & Habits: If you have a habit to watch TV, read, or simply wear glasses while in bed, you ought to have a mask that gives you the best field of vision, thereby not disturbing your nightly routine.
  • Know your Breathing Habit: You will need a full face mask or a nasal pillow/mask in conjunction with chinstraps if you have a habit of breathing through your mouth.
  • Choose a Comfortable Cushion Type: From a variety of cushion types including cloth, foam, silicone, or gel, you should select the one that you are most comfortable with. You may also want to see if the mask you have chosen has replaceable cushion parts.

So, now that you know how to pick your CPAP mask, don’t waste any more time. Quickly call us at +1 (305) 513-9888 now.

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