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GoodKnight 420E - SEFAM


GoodKnight 420E - SEFAM


GoodKnight 420E is Positive Pressure device with a large range of features to improve the comfort and treatment compliance of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS).
This device adapt easily to the user's daily routine, and guarantee high-performance, comfort and ease of use.

Exceptionally light weight (750 g), compactness and universal power adapter, GoodKnight 420E optimise user comfort, without requiring special adjustments, at home or on the move.

The GoodKnight 420E is designed to be compatible with the humidifier GoodKnight® H2O when the patient's treatment includes heated humidification.
The air inlet filter is highly accessible, making it easy for the user to independently perform routine maintenance on the device.

GoodKnight 420E detect inspiratory flow limitation, snoring and residual apneas and hypopneas. Efficacy data on leaks and usage is saved for one year in the device's memory, along with the real patient flow over the last 16 hours of use.

Auto-CPAP Mode
The GoodKnight 420E Auto algorithm responds to moderate obstructive events such as inspiratory flow limitation and snoring. The differentiation between obstructive and central events allows the device to deliver the optimum pressure at anytime, only increasing the pressure in case of apneas or hypopneas identified as obstructive by the algorithm.


Disconnected mask function
If the mask is removed by the patient, the pressure is reduced to the minimum level in a few seconds. The device stops after 30 minutes, without resuming treatment.

Specific auto-calibration function
This function delivers the prescribed pressure to the patient interface, whatever the configuration of the air pathway to the interface (type of mask, diameter and length of tube, humidifier or not).

Auto ON function
The patient starts his/her treatment either by breathing in the mask or by pressing the on/off button.

Ramp function
This helps the patient to fall asleep with a reduced pressure, called the comfort pressure. After a pre-set ramp time, the device delivers the prescribed pressure in PPC mode or activates the pressure increase and decrease commands in the Auto-CPAP mode.

Calibration Comfort (CC+) function
This function improves the respiratory comfort of the patient during treatment in PPC and Auto-PPC mode. It adapts the supplied pressure to the patient's respiratory cycle without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment. This technology allows the pressure to be increased on inhalation and decreased on exhalation; these variations adapt to the patient's natural respiratory cycles.

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